Jenny Geister

Area Manager

Jenny Geister joined The Neiders Company in February 2017 as an Assistant Community Manager. Demonstrating exceptional growth, she has ascended through diverse roles, including Property Manager, Multi-Site Property Manager, District Manager, and Assistant Area Manager. Currently, Jenny leads our Kitsap County communities, leveraging her profound understanding of the local housing market, a perspective shaped by her roots as a Kitsap County native.

Drawing from her five-year experience as a residential Real Estate Broker, Jenny combines market expertise with a meticulous financial focus. This approach consistently elevates the value of each property under her purview, earning her recognition through various finance-related awards. Beyond her accomplishments, Jenny is deeply committed to cultivating confident leaders within her teams. Her hands-on mentorship style creates a positive, customer-centric atmosphere across all operations. Jenny’s multifaceted experience, local knowledge, and dedication to both her team and community make her an integral part of The Neiders Company’s success.

Outside of her professional pursuits, Jenny derives joy from actively supporting her children at sporting events, immersing herself in nature through activities such as hiking and camping, and embarking on explorations of new destinations with her family.