Employee of the Month


“It’s amazing to work for a company that cares about their employees, that treat people with respect and have such open communication with all staff members. Every day is a challenge working at my property, but I enjoy the challenge especially when I know I have the support I need. My go-getter attitude has helped me achieve many things and my team is fantastic at helping me do so. I love what I do and making my tenants feel that we care and provide a good living experience has been great!

Laura Nelson  – Community Manager
Employee Since 2018

Climbing The Career Ladder

“The growth of our company is dependent on our people; we strive to acquire the right talent to motivate and develop long-lasting careers for all employees. A career with The Neiders Company offers a unique, challenging, and rewarding experience. In addition to focusing on capital gain, we work along-side employees on their career path, providing constant training opportunities and a blooming culture.”

– Ani: Human Resources, Director


“I joined The Neiders Company just over 2 years ago. I started as a property manager and have since taken on roles in mentoring, training and overseeing properties during transitions in management. If I am asked to take on additional responsibilities for any period of time, it is always presented where I have the option to decline (if I feel I am stretched too thin). If I say yes, then the support is in place to make sure that I’m successful.”

Teresa Rodocker – Compliance Community Manager & Training Director
Employee since 2017

“I never thought this would be a career path for me, but I have found that my experience was a great fit. I have also found that the size of the company has allowed me to grow in my position and the company has grown to meet the needs of our employees.”

Sara – Payroll & Human Resources
Employee since 2009

“One of the most pleasant things about The Neiders Company is the way they encourage and support teamwork within the company as a whole.  There is a strong mindset that everyone is part of the team and everyone is consistently reminded that the goals are ones to be achieved together.  During my time with Neiders, they have shown support while I not only learned their method, but also stretched myself to learn more and attain my college degree.

I feel not only successful with Neiders, but also that my voice is heard when I have concerns and/or compliments.  I wouldn’t have it any other way!”

Teresa Rodocker – Compliance Community Manager & Training Director
Employee since 2017

“I’ve been employed with TNC for over a year now. I really enjoy my position as a Community Manager of Anchor Pointe Apartments. In the last year, I have seen such growth throughout the entire TNC portfolio stemming from the new purchases of communities, implementing and reinforcing our rules, policies, and procedures, down to our in-depth training sessions!

I’ve enjoyed coming together with Corporate during our management meetings. It has brought a great sense of consistency, accountability, and less confusion for all.  I think we are really moving in a great direction and I’m excited to be a part of this team!

Jennifer Hoover – Community Manager
Employee since 2018

“My experience with The Neiders Company has elevated my career and expanded my leadership skills in ways that I didn’t imagine it was possible. I was promoted to Regional Manager in 2018, and I am continuously encouraged and mentored to advance and be a great leader to my team.  I have learned a lot about myself, but mostly learned that if you work hard and display teamwork the company will continue to find ways to provide growth opportunities”

Ashlee Jackson – Regional Manager
Employee since 2016

“I enjoy working at Neiders because of the team I work with.  Everyone is a hard worker and they are respectful of each other.  This makes my job easier.

The company has been very good in working with me on my schedule, allowing me to have the family time I need.

I’ve been offered other jobs but they haven’t compared to what I have here at Neiders.”

Julius Gambino – Maintenance Technician
Employee since 1999

“My experience with TNC has been positive! I’ve genuinely enjoyed the people that I get to meet, as well as other TNC employees. I’ve never felt like I couldn’t ask a question, even if I know I’ve already asked the same question but just can’t remember the answer!! I’ve always felt supported by our corporate team and CEO, as well as every single manager, assistant, leaser, and maintenance member that I have gotten the pleasure to know! I truly feel completely surrounded and supported by people who actually WANT me to be successful!! Thank you all for that <3”

Jenny Geister – Community Manager
Employee since 2017

“Working for Neiders has been night and day from me, compared to where I was before.

I truly appreciate the mission with the company and the continuous support and training that is provided.

I’m really grateful to have been given the opportunity to work for your company.”

Tuesday Kelly – Community Manager
Employee since 2019


The Neiders Company recognizes that every employee is responsible for supporting the organization’s culture.  Extending our communities to Nevada, New Mexico and across Washington State, our company’s culture remains our strong foundation and the key to our success. We take pride in celebrating our employees for every occasion, creating a family-like atmosphere, providing continuous mentorship, and establishing an open-door policy.

Washington Team

New Mexico Team

Nevada Teams

Charitable Contributions

The Neiders Company has partnered with local charities/programs to do our part in giving back to our community.

We partnered with The Arc of Washington State, a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting people of all ages with intellectual and developmental disabilities. At our 2019 Summer Company Picnic, we hosted a donation drive welcoming all employees to bring items around their house that would love a new home! We collected clothing, books, household items, electronics, toys, and games to donate to The Arc. If you are interested in giving back to a great organization, visit arcwa.org

Next, we assembled and donated easels to an awesome organization, Treehouse. Treehouse aims to give foster kids a childhood and future, providing youth in the foster care system an awesome warehouse full to the brim of toys and clothing where they can go “shopping” (everything is free) for what they want and need. If you are interested in giving back to foster kids in need, visit treehouseforkids.org

Most recently, we made cash donations to the following local food banks to support families in need:

Auburn Food BankLifelongSouth Kitsap HelplineEmergency Food NetworkRoadrunner Food BankKent Food BankBash FoodbankSumner Community Food Bank

Click the links above for more information about these local food banks or to learn how you can donate.

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The Neiders Company offers competitive compensation plus bonus and incentives. In addition we offer:

  • Medical, Vision, and Dental
  • 401K
  • Mileage Reimbursement
  • Housing Discount at TNC Properties
  • Paid Vacation
  • Opportunity for Advancement

Paid Internship

We have launched an exciting new paid internship program!

We are looking for the next leaders who are dynamic, motivated and eager to learn by making a difference in our communities.  The Neiders Company has partnered with University of Washington for its internship program and will expand the program throughout different campuses starting 2020.

Summer 2020-2021 Internship Outline

Are you currently a student looking for professional experience to advance yourself in the job market? The Neiders Company offers a various range of opportunities for students of every level to pursue career advancement in their respective fields of study. For Summer 2020-2021 The Neiders Company is offering internships in fields of Accounting, Property Management, and Marketing/Social Media.