Teresa Rocha Lopez

Area Manager

Teresa Rocha Lopez embarked on her journey with The Neiders Company in 2017, stepping in as a versatile and dynamic floating leasing agent. Her unwavering dedication and commitment to excellence quickly propelled her through the ranks, earning her successive promotions to Assistant Manager, Manager, District Manager, and presently Area Manager. Launching her property management career in the heart of Washington State, Teresa cultivated an extensive understanding of the industry’s intricacies and challenges. Demonstrating her adaptability and expertise in effectively overseeing a variety of property portfolios.

Teresa brings a hands-on approach, fostering cohesive teamwork within her sphere of influence. She promotes effective communication within her team, fortified customer service, and a relentless commitment to driving exceptional performance. She adeptly navigates challenges, leveraging her wealth of experience to optimize operational efficiency and elevate the standards of service delivery. Proficient in both English and Spanish, Teresa’s bilingual fluency significantly amplifies her capacity to engage with diverse audiences, fostering smooth interactions and nurturing inclusive environments across multiple operational domains. Her ability to speak multiple languages stands as a valuable asset, fostering robust connections with clients and team members, effortlessly overcoming linguistic barriers.

Beyond her professional pursuits, Teresa finds solace in cherished moments with her family, comprising her husband, son, and cherished canine companions. Her passions include exploring new destinations through travel, cooking, and reliving the thrill of soccer on the field. During the winter months, when the weather calls for indoor coziness, Teresa indulges in immersive binge-watching shows, or revisiting the enthralling saga of “The Game of Thrones.”